Jan 9, 2009

Update: Rapidshare Downloader Script

From my previous post, I have only stated a single file downloader for rapidshare script. In this post, I will update you guys to be able to download a single and multiple files with a single script. Please copy the code below:

  • Create a new downloader script file:
touch downloader
  • Edit the 'downloader' file and paste this code inside it:
nano downloader
  • Now copy this code below:
  • #!/bin/bash
    if test "$1" = "-s";then
    wget -c --load-cookies ~/.cookies/rapidshare $2
    elif test "$1" == "-m";then
    for url in `cat $1`
    wget -c --load-cookies ~/.cookies/rapidshare $url
    elif test "$1" = "--help";then
    echo ""
    echo " ***************************************************"
    echo " ****** Rapidshare Downloader for Linux ******"
    echo " ***************************************************"
    echo ""
    echo " s - Use this flag to download single file"
    echo " Eg: ./downloader.sh -s http://files"
    echo ""
    echo " m - Use this flag to download multiple files"
    echo " by saving all links in a files and list"
    echo " it on command."
    echo " Eg: ./downloader.sh -m url.txt"
    echo ""
    echo " Get this code at http://blog.gunbladeiv.com"
    echo ""
    echo "Please refer help by typing ./downloader --help"

    Now You already have a script file called 'downloader'. make it executable by running this command:
    chmod +x downloader
    For help about how to use this script, please run --help option from the script. For example:
    ./downloader --help
    Any further question, please leave it in comment area. Enjoy the day~!

** Fix bug regarding the -cat issue. It's has some syntax when I copy this script from my terminal. Sorry for the late fix :-) Nowadays there are already a lot of apps that could handle Rapidshare downloads. But I still prefer wget.

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  1. Will this bypass the limitation imposed by Rapidshare on free download? At the moment, I have to keep resetting my modem to get new ip to circumvent that for more download than permitted.

  2. Oops, sorry! I read the earlier post and realize that this requires a Rapidshare Premium Account.

  3. Hi, can you write rapidshare downloader script in bash, for free rapidshare users with waiting for file function?

  4. Hi,

    I really love this script, but I've done exactly as instructed, but I get an error:

    cat: invalid option -- 'm'
    Try `cat --help' for more information.

    Is there anything that I did wrong? I'm running Ubuntu 8.10.


  5. replace
    for url in `cat $1`
    for url in `cat $2`

  6. Rapidshare Downloader Script never worked for me.I might also have something with my computer.

  7. Sorry, only in 2011 I could help fix this one.