Jun 4, 2008

Format Existing Partition On Ubuntu

Well, I encounter a problem where I would like to gain back my 80GB hardisk space which I allocate for my Windows and I dont have a direct access to the machine. So all I got is a SSH access to the machine. And I desperately need the space back. So here is some tips on how to format, and allocate back your partition to ext3 FS on Ubuntu Machine.
  • Login to your box using SSH(remember to login to user account which have sudoers privileges).
  • Then the first thing is to do a 'fdisk' to delete and recreate a partition.
sudo fdisk for example:
sudo fdisk /dev/sda
  • Then a wizard will appear, and you just need to follow the instruction. For help on command to use, please use 'm' .
  • After finished configuring and recreating the partition, then you need to make the partition. Quit the fdisk by using 'q', and do this command:
sudo mkfs -t [filesystem type] [location]
  • For this example, my filesystem i need to create is 'ext3' and the location is '/dev/sda1' , so here is my command:
sudo mkfs -t ext3 /dev/sda1
  • And this will create my partition based on 'ext3' filesystem. To make effect, you need to reboot.
This simple tutorial will be useful to use with symlink and other command if you really want to resize some folder. Well mostly I used this for my webserver.

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