Jun 5, 2008

What is happening to my 'Melayu'?

Off topic, well I guess a lot of people wouldn't expect me to write anything on Malay Dilemma. Well, this is being seen by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in his book "The Malay Dilemma" .

Well nothing much about the latest trauma hit by Malay people here in Malaysia. Well to be honest, I'm sick and tired reading about all those nonsense what is happening here in Malaysia regarding my race which is Malay. I'm maybe not the right person to have a voice on this matters, but believe it or not, I need to help my race in what ever method I'm capable with.

The First Issue: Sex, Video and Socializing

Well, this is what matter the most. Why is my fellow Malay would like to have pre-martial sex and have it recorded for public sharing? Why in the first place, they were thinking about having a pre-martial sex? This is what torment me. Almost all Malay are Muslim, and as a Muslim, we are forbid to do a pre-martial sex no matter what is the reason. Unfortunately, nowadays - Malay people think that it's legal and it's happening everyday.

We are not Jewish, we are Muslim. Maybe we are not a good muslim, but I'm pretty sure all Malay/Muslim know the Hukum of Zina. And why record the sex scene? Is it because of trend? If it is the trend, then the reason is unacceptable.

The Second Issue: Drugs

Well this is the latest issue I've been reading for about couple of years. There are several Malaysian and most of them are Malay who was caught in foreigner country due to illegal drug Smuggling. Why it is always be Malay? As far as I know, this is being plotted by International Syndicate who gain profits from Drug Smuggling. And the best question is, why always Malay student get caught? Are they dumb?

So I urged all my fellow Malay, please use our brain before act. We are a Muslim and we still have Quran to guide us to live a happy life ever after. Everyone made mistake in this life, but it is never too late to turn back and change the way we live.

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