Apr 28, 2008

Ubuntu: '.3gp' Files Won't Output Sound on Hardy Heron

I upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy couple of days ago, and it started good except for some minor problem which I always had from the previos version. Thank god my wireless got no problem at all to load on startup using b43 firmware driver which is still in experimental version during Hardy first boot.

But unluckily, I found out that VLC do not output any sound on .3gp files on hardy. I wonder what's the problem causing VLC to stop output the video's sound. So I open up terminal and try running the video by using terminal to look at the error message. Here is the error I got:
VLC media player 0.8.6e Janus
[00000366] pulse audio output error: Failed to connect to server: Connection refused
[00000366] pulse audio output error: Pulse initialization failed
So, obviously the problem is with the Pulse audio plugin which is being introduce into hardy release. I cannot find a better way to solve this problem at the moment.

For, all Hardy user who having the same problem may try to play your 3gp files by using realplayer 11 which can be download here. Realplayer 11 is the latest release from Realplayer.

How to install? First you need to "chmod +x RealPlayer11GOLD.bin" and then just run it with "./RealPlayer11GOLD.bin". And it will install on the default folder in /opt/real/realplayer/ . I hope this will solve your problem.

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  1. or in VLC, just change the audio output module

    Settings > Preferences > Audio > Output Modules > click advanced options > change output from default to ALSA or something else.

    and sound works fine.

  2. Yeah mat,
    thanks, being helpful to me.

  3. Unfortunately it still doesn't work after you change the output.