Apr 29, 2008

Ubuntu: Epiphany For Ubuntu Hardy

I've upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy two days ago with not much problem occurs during the installation process. One of the main features in Hardy is Firefox 3 beta 5 which is the default Internet Browser in Hardy Release. Unfortunately, the Firefox 3 Beta 2 isn't in stable release yet which we could tell from it's version - 'BETA'

So from now until the Official/Stable release of Firefox 3, I would encourage Ubuntu users to use an alternatif lightweight browser which has been in Ubuntu Repositories for such a long time - Epiphany Browser. How to install Epiphany Browser? Just two steps:
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install epiphany-browser epiphany-extensions
This command will install Ephiphany Browser with an extension for gnome. Adds extra features to GNOME’s Epiphany web browser, including action, adblocking, auto-reload, auto-scroller, console, extensions manager, find, greasemonkey, javaconsole, mouse gestures, move tabs between windows, python-console, pushscroller, rss extension, error viewer and validator, certificate viewer, sidebar, smart bookmarks, page info, CSS Stylesheet, favicon.ico, tab states and a GNOME Dashboard interface.

Epiphany Web Browser

How to install Flash Plugin?

Simple, Flash plugin can be setup the same way as Firefox setup. If you would like to manual install the flash plugin, then you could download the flash installer at flash website and have it installed. But for a newbie, I will advise them to learn and use 'apt' service as much as they can.

Here is some tips on Epiphany Browser:
  • Quick search if your home page is not a search engine page : CTRL-L, enter keywords in the URL area, and ‘Search the Web’. By default, epiphany performs a Google search. If you wish to change the search engine, change the keyword.url in about:config
  • To open a link or a bookmark in a new tab, click with the mouse middle button after enabling /apps/epiphany/general/middle_click_open_url in gconf-editor

  • To enable the spell checker, set layout.spellcheckDefault to 1 in about:config
  • Language for spell checking is set in spellchecker.dictionary in about:config. “en_US” for US English, and “fr” for French. Sorry, I have not checked other languages
  • My favorite extensions : Ad Blocker, News Feed Subscription, Smart Bookmarks, Tab GroupsEnter about:epiphany in the URL area, and enjoy ;-)
  • To enable smooth scrolling, go to about:config and set general.smoothScroll to true
I hope You will enjoy using epiphany as I do right now, i'll wait for the Firefox 3 release to have another try with firefox. Till then, epiphany will be my default browser :)

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