Apr 25, 2008

Ubuntu: ATI crash on hardy upgrade.

I just upgraded from gusty to hardy heron about 3 minutes ago. And I reboot my machine and hoping that my new hardy heron will load smoothly without any errors. And suddenly, my boot time took forever to load the login screen :(

I reboot my laptop back to it's original state and look for any reports regarding boot crash, and guess what? there's a lot of ATI user who encounter with the same problem as I had. Why?
Well, after doing some google and reading, I notice that ATI driver has change from restricted to envy, ao all you have to do in order to login to hardy, is resetting your driver(graphic) to universal(VESA).

How to change?

Simple, just boot into single mode, and do "sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg" and this will load the default xorg setting to your xorg.conf. It will replace "ATI" with "vesa" so that you could login into hardy and try installing ATI driver using envy.

Step to Install ATI driver on Hardy

  • Open up terminal and update the aptitude: sudo apt-get update
  • Install restricted driver application(normally already install by default, but in order we dont have, so better we try to install first): sudo apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-generic restricted-manager
  • Install the driver from repo : sudo apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx
  • And load the driver : sudo depmod -a
  • After setting up everything, no we need to configure xorg.conf to use fglrx instead of mesa. Open up xorg.conf and find Driver "mesa" and replace with Driver "fglrx".
  • to make sure everything is set, run: sudo aticonfig --inital -f
  • reboot in order the driver to make effect.
  • after reboot, if you wanted to look either the driver work properly, use : fglrxinfo
Now everything is done, and good to go. So I dont think there is problem to setup your ATI card anymore. The step is veri simple and easy to follow, but in case you would like to use envy to install your ATI driver, please read tutorial here.

Gutsy Gibbon
Boot Time: 52 secs
upgrade : Not recorded

Hardy Heron
Boot Time: 40 secs
upgrade : 2 hours 15 mins (Update Manager)

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  1. Thanks. Your post helped a lot. I am using an ati graphics card and installing ati driver using envyng solved the problem.

  2. anonymous,
    Great-sometimes using driver in repo wont solve the problem, but there it when the envy-ng becomes handy..