Mar 2, 2008

Ubuntu: XGL-xserver used most of your memory

Actually i discovered this problem when recently. My laptop use Intel Celeron(Which no one will buy on the first hand), and have about 883MB of RAM. I used to be a gnome user which is easy to used and have a lot of nice features too.. But i notice that my laptop cant handle the memory usage and there are some program used a lot of memory and cpu.

So I wonder what application lead to this huge of memory usage. I run "top" on the terminal and found out there is a program which usually be on top of everything in using memory and cpu. And it's xserver-xgl which i used to get 3d desktop environment in compiz.

As now i'm using fluxbox which has no 3d features, so i decided to turun off the xgl and use normal engine to run 2d desktop. i turn the xgl off with two step:
  • mkdir ~/.config/xserver-xgl
  • touch ~/.config/xserver-xgl/disable
The you can restart your X and the XGL wont load on login anymore.. So, how to do turn the XGL back on? Easy, just rename the "~/.config/xserver-xgl/disable" to "disable~" and restart your X..

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