Feb 29, 2008

UBUNTU: Save memory, Use Fluxbox

As i mention on my post before, I wanted to install fluxbox and save a liltle bit memory on my laptop as it take a lot of memory when I'm using gnome. What is fluxbox? It's actually one of lightweight window manager for Unix/BSD/linux available for free.

And it takes me about 5-7 hours to customize the theme, decoration, fonts, softwares and the menu which has to being customize by user himself/herself. And this is the final look of my desktop today.

The new application i have to download to minimize the usage of my laptop memory are:
  • irssi (IRC client which runs well in any terminal)
  • bitlbee (Messenger client/server which let you connect to YM,Gtalk by using irssi client)
  • rvxt ( Terminal )
And i would like to credits Sifuh for helping me out in customization, piju for being such an annoying person which lead me to this act, Fenris for being ignorance, NetBSD for sharing his great wallpaper and slamdunk, for da advise.

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