Mar 7, 2008

LIFE: Changes need to be done

Yesterday, one of my friend came by to gave me his pc which I bought yesterday. He came and hang out with me for a while at Setiawangsa. We chat and talk a little bit about Linux and BSD things.

Suddenly he willing to gave advise about linux/bsd on how to master the OS structure, and the critical part where i should learn and master in order to gain full advantage of linux/bsd. The magic word is "CLI(Command Line Interface)".

All this while, I kept on doing something more on desktop decoration, cause it's viewable. I like my desktop to be beautiful but the truth is, it's not that important compared to the actual used of linux/bsd operating system CLI. Yeah, I have to admit that I know nothing about the CLI/Shell scripting/programming. All this while, I just know how to use command such as "ls, mkdir, chmod, mv, rm and etc" which is not the critical part of shell command.

But my friend show me how powerful the command line can be with a simple scripting. We can do all things from the shell if we know how to script the shell command properly. There are several command such as while, for , xargs which i not master yet. So this is the time.

I need to start learning about shell programming from now. So I need to stop/decrease playing with my desktop deco right now and start googling on shell scripting.

Anyway thanks to Slamdunk for the precious advise.

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