Feb 21, 2008

LIFE: 3 Days to go~

It's just been a very busy week for me. A lot of stuff need to be settle by the end of this week. Yeah, my internship program has a project right now. Unluckily I will not do project base on opensource/linux but mainly on Windows Server.

Well I need to do well on this project to gain high marks for my intern program. Microsoft Sharepoint? Has anyone got any idea about this? How can I make a portal which will suit my company workflow + payroll + document management and etc! Argh.. need to read more I think.

But the main thing is - Ubuntu Meetup just around the corner. It's 3 more days to go! Honestly there is a lot of things keep buzzing my thought. Hehe.. simple matters actually but really give a big impact to me.

I will do my best for this events. I really hope the Meetup will give a lot of infos to the participants.

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