Feb 26, 2008

UBUNTU: Fluxbox in Ubuntu~!

I've been planning to try other Window Manager from day to day and finally I manage to get time to install and try Fluxbox on my Gutsy. Yeah It's pretty smooth and light compared to gnome and kde. Even Xfce is heavier than fluxbox wm.

I'm planning to give screenshot after I've finished my customization for my fluxbox such as menu, Desktop and etc. Anyway can't wait to make it 100% usable.

Thanks to piju for guiding me on Elightenment. I'll setup enlightenment after my fluxbox is running.

Problem found so far:
  • Default installation via apt-get doesnt create your menu automatically. You need to write the menu script manually.
  • Some other tutorial in the internet still using old menu script such as gaim. Need a few tweaks here and there.
That's all. Need to work~!

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