Feb 17, 2008

DIY: Prolink H6300G Fan Added

It was a boring day, so i surf the net just to fill up my free time with sumthing useful. Luckily on the afternoon, I had a chance to chat with two of DIY"ers" friends on the irc. So one of them make me felt like it's a good time to start modify my router because the router's temp is quite hot when I let it run for 24/7.

So I start with open up the case, it's look clean and untouch! haha.. so I could say it's virginity will be rip out by me~! I'm going to rape my router! oyeh oyeh~!
So first things first, I need a fan. I take my old pc(very very old one) and take out the power supply. So I have one fan. Now I have to make the router upper case some hole so that the fan can blow some cool air into the router.

Finally, this is the best I can do right now. Due to lack of tools and experience, this is the best I can do. Here is the final product I have made:
the red circle is where the fan's will get the power.

This is the final progress~!

I'm glad cause I will not have any issue with heat anymore with my modified prolink H6300G. Thanks to mypapit and amet_ for the advise and tips.

P/S: the air ventilation is already provided by the prolink H6300G's casing. So no need to make any adjustment on the out-flow. Now it's working like a charm without any disconnection due to high-temperature.

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