Jan 22, 2008

UBUNTU: Setting up Sound Control For Acer Laptop

I was having problem with the hotkey on my cheap acer aspire. Whenever I press "FN+Vol Down/Vol Up" the sound won't turn down or even turn up. I do a search on google about this matters, but some of them would say it's something wrong with the "acerhk" which is Acer Hotkeys application is not being installed.

I do know that Acer dont have any acerhk for linux yet even some of thier product used Linpus. What a shame for Acer. But yeah I did figure out how to make your keyboard sound control works! I had to thank one of my friend for giving me idea to try Thinkpad method to deal with sound control. The same way to solve acer..

This is the step to enable Acer Keyboard Sound Control:
  • Right click on the sound icon at the system tray>Open Volume Control
  • Turn to Switches tab>make sure both mic and headphone is tick. ( Some of you will only have headphones only.. Doesnt matter, just tick it all. After that, close the Volume Control.
  • Right click once again at the speaker icon at the systray> preferences> click on surrond. Then Close back the preferences.
  • Open System> Preferences> Sound> Leave everything to the default setting. You just need to make a few changes at the bottom of the sound windows which is keyboard control. Please choose & click "Surround" to enable the keyboard control to control the surround volume.
  • Click "close", then open up your player and play a song. Try adjusting the volume control by your hotkey on your keyboard. If it's work, then you are done. But if it's not, then you can leave me a comment.
For me, to make use of all the features on my laptop is a must. Why is it there if it's not going to be use by me?

Happy Ubuntu"ing"...

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  1. balek umah aku test jap.
    tu pown kalo tenet ade.. (

  2. It worked!! thanks a lot mate!

  3. The built-in speakers are very tinny, but the sound output from the headphones is very clean.