Jan 21, 2008

UBUNTU: Clocksource TSC unstable

I've fresh install Gutsy Gibbon a few weeks ago as I formerly used Feisty Fawn which work flawless ly with my laptop. I used ubuntu on my Acer 3640 and i got no problem at all using feisty except for my broadcom wireless and ATI which has another way to solve it.

So, I would like to try Gutsy Gibbon to see the latest version of Ubuntu. At first, I upgrade my Feisty Fawn to Gutsy Gibbon via alternate cd. I encountered no problem upgrading from feisty fawn to Gutsy Gibbon, no problem at all. I got a smooth boot up and my clock speed is fine.

But sometimes I do want to try the fresh install of Gutsy Gibbon because upgrading to Gutsy seem no major problem with the kernel. Once I did the fresh install, I reboot. And a problem appeared. My boot time take too long and delay about 2-3 minutes. At first I dint know what causing this delay.

I reboot my laptop again, and this time I reboot and choose the (recovery mode) option from GRUB list. It boot fine without any delay. So I guess this must be something with my kernel or my bios option. I reboot again, when the screen goes blank- I press Ctrl+Alt+F6 and I got text visual about what is going on when booting up ubuntu.

I realized that there was error about clocksource tsc and it's marked as unstable. So I google around and found out that there are a lot more Ubuntu/linux user having the same problem. No solution yet so far for the current Gutsy Gibbon kernel.

But after the Hardy Heron Alpha release, I tried to update my kernel. And when I boot up, the clocksource problem is solve! So I guess in hardy heron release, there will be no problem with the tsc clocksource anymore. I cant wait the stable release of Hardy Heron.

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  1. That TSC thing almost killed my Dell Latitude LS (!) when trying to install Xubuntu last weekend. A stable Debian made it rock.

  2. keh keh keh,
    stable debian dia kata rock

  3. gannis,

    I dont see any problem on feisty.
    so as for me, i would just upgrade rather than having a fresh install.

    and for sure, wait until Hardy release and give it a try!