Jan 22, 2008

UBUNTU: Usplash disappeared on Gutsy (FIX)

I did post about clocksource TSC unstable couple of days before. Actually this error i received due to delay on booting Ubuntu. I had to view dmesg to find any error while booting, and the only error I found is clocksource TSC unstable. I did some research about this error and found out that there are a lot of other ubuntu user(mostly using Pentium Celeron M or Intel Xeon) encountered the same problem. But there is no solution yet until I do an update on my kernel using hardy heron alpha release kernel.

I kept on thinking if it's because of the kernel bug of maybe there is something else causing the delayed. So I reboot my ubuntu and press ctrl+alt+f6 after GRUB. I need to boot faster. After login to user account, I open up terminal and do dmesg to check error on clocksource. And the error still appear. So my solution is, clocksource TSC unstable didn't cause the delayed.

My Usplash did not appear when booting, so I do a check on the usplash config file, I found out that the resolution for my usplash did not match my screen resolution. It set at 1280 x 1600 .. so i tried to change it to 1280 x 800. And reboot. Walla, my problem solve! my ubuntu boot like usual, no delay at all. So for those who had encountered the same problem as mine, please check your usplash.conf file for resolution. Change it to your supported screen resolution.

The Steps is simple:
  • Run terminal ( Application > Accessories > Terminal )
  • sudo nano /etc/usplash.conf
  • change the resolution to your supported one. For example my laptop support until 1280 x 800. So i change the config to:
    • xres = 1280
    • yres = 800
  • Now, type "sudo dpkg-reconfigure usplash" for applying the new config.
  • ctrl+x and press ENTER
  • sudo reboot
Your usplash will appear after reboot.

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