Jan 8, 2008

Ubuntu: Record Streaming media

I wonder how can i record streaming media? i google and i found one solution. The solution is to use streamripper and streamtuner which you can apt-get. So to get started please
  • sudo apt-get install streamripper streamtuner xmms
  • we need xmms to use with streamtuner. So in case you've already have xmms, so you can just apt-get streamripper and streamtuner.
  • after finish installing from apt-get, we can start recording your online radio station.
  • You can use terminal to start recording or you can just use streamtuner. To use streamtuner, go to Application>Sound&Video>Streamtuner.
  • If you would like to use CLI, open terminal, make a new directory:
    • mkdir streamoutput/
    • cd streamoutput/
      • streamripper (each mp3/played music will be recorded on different file/mp3)
      • streamripper -a (will record on single output)
      • our you can assign other option by reading the manual for streamripper.
There is other way to record streaming audio. This method use mplayer as recorder. Where mplayer has the option to record streaming as mp3. You can record it by typing command:
  • mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile /home//blablabla.mp3 -vc dummy -vo null
  • or if you wanna use script, here it is:
  • Open up terminal, and type gedit rec copy and paste the script below.
# script to record MP3 broadcast stream
# The command is all on one line ending with a semi-colon
# $1 is the station
# $2 is the name of the music
#Replace with your user name

mplayer $1 -dumpstream -dumpfile /home//${2}.mp3 -vc dummy -vo null ;
  • copy the script into /usr/bin/ and make it executable:
    • sudo cp rec /usr/bin/
    • chmod +x /usr/bin/rec
  • Now to record your streaming radio, open terminal and type rec (URL) (Output Filename) and it will save your output at your home folder.

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