Jan 10, 2008

LIFE: Oppinion Need!

I want to get people oppinion base on my so called problem right here. I'm planning to migrate from Windows+Ubuntu user to fully Ubuntu user. I want to get rid of windows OS because I want to gain more experience with Ubuntu. If i still have Windows in my lappy, I will turn to Windows whenever I have problem with Ubuntu.

But I'm falter to make my final decision because of these problem:
  • I'm going to start my internship program on 14th January, I still do not know what is my job scope. Do I have to use Windows during my internship? What kind of program should I use. (this is the big issue)
  • Will I be tough enough to rely only on ubuntu on my daily basis?
  • Can ubuntu serve me well?
So I hope to have others oppinion for me to make my decision. Please give me your point of view.

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1 comment:

  1. stay wif window la dei.. ape²hal ade bkaitan ngn window nnt susah..