Jan 13, 2008

UBUNTU: Ping from terminal success but Can't Browse Internet

I was at my dad's office and the office have a router+modem (linksys). The router was setup by a guy name syahmi, I was surprise when I look at the wireless network which is not encrypt at all. I was concern about the status of the unencrypted wireless which allow anonymous user to connect and used the internet for free, and the worst is capturing every single packet transfered on the router itself.

After seeking my dad's permission, he gave me authority to encrypt the wireless network and I open the router's ip address via firefox to open the router's web interface. And i was shock once again, no user and password was prompt to login to the web interface! No security at all! maybe someone has open the router's interface before, who knows!

I was a bit dizzy when looking at the router setting itself, because i'm not the one who set it up. Plus, i dont even know the user+password for the streamyx itself. So I cant reset the router to the factory setting because I dont know the streamyx username and password. Let's get to the point here, I'm connected to the router, so i should be able to surf and gain internet access. I double check my ip, it's assigned by dhcp, yeah it's a valid ip for the router. So i open up my firefox, but I I cant browse any site on the net.

I try to ping www.yahoo.com from my terminal, and the i got the reply in a gud condition without any lost packet. So I know that my ubuntu do have the internet access. But why I can't surf the web, or login to Pidgin? I message one of my friend, he said may be there is somthing wrong with my DNS setting. I open the router web, and find out that the router had a manual DNS setting set by syahmi.

So here is the solution:
  • click on the network icon on systray>manual configuration.
  • go to the DNS tabs
  • delete the default DNS given by DHCP
  • put the DNS given by router(the one I get from the router's web setting)
  • and close.
  • Open up terminal
  • type sudo chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf to make your DNS unchange.
If you experiencing the same problem with me, you can try to solve it by the step given above. If you do not know what is the valid DNS for your router, then you can just use openDNS. You can find it here.

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