Jan 14, 2008


Today I woke up early around 6.30 am just to get ready for my first day as an internship at Grand Technology Resources Sdn Bhd. I dont have a clue on what is my job specification. A bit scared honestly, but I try my best to be cool and look smart to impress my employer.

I arrived late about half an hour because of the difficulty to get into the LRT(ramai jugak orang weh). I few tricks had to be done to get my ride to KLCC. I was lucky because all the staff at GTR Sdn Bhd understood the situation.

So, about a couple minutes as a trainee, my supervisor gave me a bundle of papers to read from A-Z cause it's my project for a month with the team. I was shock, they are proposing for a tender located in Afghanistan. I never knew that my company is a multinational level company. I was lucky huh.

Anyway my first meeting with the Afghan team was impressive as I was given a few roles to handle the tender itself. I'm learning about the policy and steps to handle it from a staff there. Yeah, nobody bully me, that is a bonus i think. At noon I was given a task to create a java base navigation(link) to be included on the current project developing a web for Health Ministy of Afghanistan. The project use Joomla as a CMS. Maybe, cause everybody busy doing their thing as the dateline is by the end of this month.

So that's all for the first day, nothing is important cause I have so much free time to spend. Haha... I'll wait for tomorrow!

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