Nov 8, 2011

Ubuntu : Extend Battery Life

As lots of users nowadays are using linux on portable machine such as netbooks and notebooks, there are concerns on Ubuntu users on how they could maximize their battery life as they try to work with their machines as long as possible.

Today, Linux has evolved to suit more user needs such as user-friendly interface, more complicated application for scientific used and also lots of day-to-day applications for home use.  Linux not a geek operating system anymore as beginner user can easily change from typical windows operating to linux (any distribution) without any hitch.

Ubuntu has done a great job to make linux a pleasant operating system for end user to use.  But then how reliable ubuntu to handle power usage in daily usage.  As I am a student who always depends on battery to do my group work, battery usage should be at best.  Ubuntu by default doesn't have any specific application to handle power settings that allow profile usage that most Windows users familiar with.

Therefore, this post will encourage ubuntu to try and install Jupiter. What is Jupiter? Well, Jupiter is a hardware and power management applet for Linux and perfect for power-saving on netbooks and Laptops. Born from the bones of the popular EeeTray applet, Jupiter sees a shift in focus towards better usability and easier configuration whilst retaining the powerful feature set users of EeePC Tray are accustomed to.

To install this on Ubuntu Oneiric, please follow the steps below:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/jupiter
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install jupiter
Jupiter is a life saver for me, it does extends my battery life up to 30-45 minutes more than usual. So I hope this application will help you too. Thank you.

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