Sep 25, 2011

Ubuntu : Unity VS Gnome 3

After a few weeks on an early released of Ubuntu Oneiric 11.10. I know there are a lot of Ubuntu lovers and fans are currently have a pair of itchy hands to try and have a personal experiences on the new version of Ubuntu which brings a lot of improvements on a lot of complains filed from previous version which is Natty Narthwal.

I have been a few of thousands or maybe millions of Ubuntu users who can't wait for the official release of Oneiric gave a development version of Oneiric a run on my laptop. So far, I can rate Oneiric is good-to-go for a testing machine but not for a daily used machine (but who knows if you will gamble your lifetime works with the early testing development version of Oneiric). 

I've been using Oneiric for exactly 2 weeks. The first things I did when completing upgrade from natty to Oneiric was 'sudo apt-get install gnome-shell'.  Despite of glory and overload comments on a new improved Unity for Oneiric being wrote at almost all Ubuntu related blogs, I would cut my fingers for not trying gnome-shell on Oneiric. Since there is announcement on Oneiric capability to run Gnome3 and Unity side-by-side, why would it hurt to even give gnome 3 a try isn't it?

So, after a few days of Gnome 3 - I came to conclusion that Unity is still the best Desktop Manager for Ubuntu in general. I know some might pick up the keyboard and throw hard due to my statement(mostly those who did this is a die hard fans of gnome), but to the fact that Unity is being develop for Ubuntu, why would other desktop manager suited ubuntu more than Unity itself? I've given my 10/10 votes that Unity still the best desktop manager for Ubuntu unless the integration of older gnome application blend well with Gnome 3 in the near future.

For example, empathy is not even connected well on gnome 3, same goes with pidgin. Regardless of gnome simplicity and capability to handle dynamic workspace auto-magically, unity still handles all the other needed features for a complete desktop experience better. Latest improvement on Unity just blew my mind away. As I said, if gnome do not fix the integration with older gnome based applications in the near future, I might say that Unity will always be the preferred desktop manager for Ubuntu users.

Compliment to Ubuntu developer for the extra hard work they put on creating a better operating system for the users. This kind of commitment is what makes Ubuntu better and better each cycles.

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