Jul 17, 2011

Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot Features

Mark Shuttleworth just announce the codename Oneiric Ocelot with version number of 11.10 on the 7th of March 2011. The Oneiric are schedule to release on October 13th, 2011. Currently, extreme user or user who would like bleeding edge version of 11.10 can get this version by changing your repositories to use oneiric. The repo list could be edited at /etc/apt/source.list. You might need to have root access in order to apply this changes. Without root access you are not allow to change any configuration on APT source list file. Please be aware that once you have update and upgrade your current version of ubuntu to bleeding edge Oneiric, it is on your own rick since this is not a stable version nor a bug free.  You should expect this version to hang and popup a lot of bug in the meantime. For those who want a stable Operating System are highly not encourage to try this yet.

Wonder what's the feature of 11.10?

Here are some list that I've manage to gather from multiple of sources of Oneiric Ocelot features:
  1. It will be using latest kernel which is 3.0. Hoorayyy~!
  2. Will it run by default on GNOME 3? I think this will be on pending since I don't think that Mark will waste a lot of investment on Unity just to be included on Natty ONLY. So if GNOME 3 will be the default WM? I'DONT THINK SO. But will it be able to run alongside of GNOME shell? Yes I think it can. 
  3. LightDM as Login Manager. This should be great since LightDM is customizable. Should be great for those who like to decorate desktop to fullest. 
  4. Xorg 1.10
  5. Unity bug fix and a few improvements(hopefully more customizable dock will be implemented)
  6. Hoorayyy~! Thunderbird will be the default mail client on the next release. I've been waiting this to happen for about 3 - 4 cycle already.
  7. Python will update from 2.7 to new version of 3.2
  8. and finally NEW ARTWORK? this one seem to be listed on almost all released features on the past, but unfortunately - only in Natty the are a lot of new features on artwork as major changes from GNOME 2 to Unity as Window Manager.

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