Jul 13, 2011

PHP : Why it still the best ?

I've been doing a poll in Negative Zero Facebook page to survey on 'What programming language currently being demand by Malaysia corporate sector?'.  I've listed a few option which is currently being used rapidly by developer around the globe.

The point of having this discussion is to clarify which language are widely used and demanded by corporate sector on hiring a programmer.  Surprisingly, I don't include JAVA on the list. I'm wondering why I did not list JAVA on the poll since JAVA is still the best programming language in my opinion. I'm sorry for the unlisted JAVA programming language on the list goes to all JAVA lover out there.
Honestly, I was expecting .NET and Ruby to dominate the poll since this two programming language are currently the most hits on Google keywords. But then PHP come out of no where voted as the most demanded programming language.

So I wondering why PHP rather than other listed language? After doing some research and reading, I come to conclusion which is listed below:
  1. Speed - PHP not only very fast on execution, but it does not slow down the machine itself. Running on apache, PHP does not acting as a resource hog application especially when running on a small footprint Operating System such as UNIX. More over, PHP integrate well with other application.
  2. Stability - What the heck if PHP being fast but crash every now and then? Well to be honest, no program is perfect and bug free. But to be develop by community and widely used make it harder for bug to breath for long. PHP uses its own resources management system and also has a sophisticated method to handle variables making it a robust system.
  3. Security - PHP provide security from the root by capabilities to set it from the .ini files. PHP could be secure to desire level by editing the .ini file.  This could protect not even programmers but surfers as well.
  4. Simplicity - PHP is simple in many ways. Programmers with background of C or even JAVA could get in speed to develop in PHP since the language is
  5. Incoherent (but huge) standard library - Nowaday, programming cannot only depends on storing and displaying data. Modern programming should include problem solving and data processing as well. To accomplished this, a huge standard library. PHP always score well on this with lots of support for database drivers, URL parsing, HTTP fetching, regular expression and many more. You named it, PHP should have it by default.
By the reason above, I cannot deny that PHP won and will always be a good(if not great) programming language. Since PHP could be develop in many frameworks, my next poll should be asking and surveying on what PHP frameworks is the most widely used by PHP programmers to develop an application.

Until then, I'll be busy writing my tutorial on MVC 3 on final chapter of Simple Blog Application. Don't forget to like Negative Zero facebook fan pages and drop a few comments if you have your own opinion. Thanks for dropping by Negative Zero. Have a nice day~

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