May 30, 2011

Unity On Natty 11.04


So Ubuntu Natty 11.04 has been released. So there are some major changes from 10.10 to 11.04 which lead to a lot of discussion all over the community forums. Yes I am talking about major changes Gnome to Unity as a default Desktop Environment.

There are a lot of thread going on until now on the pro(s) and con(s) of Unity. Regardless of this issue, so this is my new Desktop for current release:

Regardless of what people said about Unity(some even move to other distributions just because Mark Shuttleworth decided to use Unity instead of Gnome 3) I'm using Unity as my desktop manager.  Personally, I really like the new environment which is clean and easy to use.  

Despite of everything else, I haven't had a major glitch until now except for some compiz bug which should be fixed on the next release.  As far as I know, Unity is stable and ready to used. 

P/S:- Just ignore the Virtualbox Icon on my desktop.  Yes, I'm using Windows 7 on the virtualbox due to work requirement. :-)

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