May 31, 2011

I was Fakap by Virtualbox

I was fakaped by Virtualbox tonight. It seem like tonight is not my sleep night cause I need to repair my Windows Installation due to fakaped Virtualbox. 

I'm a bit tense right now, that's why this post was made. While waiting for my USB with Windows 7 installer cook, I'm writing this blogpost.  Why my virtualbox fuck me up?

Easy, my clumsiness made all this situation.  Not to forget, my due date to submit my program to my employer is today.  So wish me luck to get it done by 6 p.m today.  One more thing, I will never use Virtualbox when dealing with development again.  Once I got fakap, I never be able to be unfakaped.

W0ot w0ot. Let's chill and have a long programming and installation night~! Hopefully by 5 a.m my windows machine is up and running so I could start to work on programming.

Till then, see ya~!

Update : I manage to install Windows 7 from USB at 5.36 a.m (Now it's time to start coding)

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