Jun 8, 2009

Add new city to Weather Report Applet

I've searching for 30 minutes on how to add new city to my GNOME Weather Report applet, and finally i found a nice info where to start.

It's annoying to view weather information which is not your exact location. For example, I'm living somewhere in Seremban, so i would like the Weather Report to give information on Seremban(which is not listed by default). Nearest location available by default is Sepang, and it's not precise.

So this is how you can add your location/city to City list on Weather Report.
  • Get your desire location by using wikimapia.org
  • change the longitude and latitude by using GPS Converter or wikimapia can also convert your longitude and latitude just fine.
  • Open up terminal, and go to folder /usr/share/libgweather/
  • Edit the Location.xml with your Favourite text editor. Please be aware that gedit might not be suitable due to encoding problem. Some editor might hung or crash. My suggestion is to use VIM or nano.
  • Go to nearest location by using the 'find' option.
  • Then add new city by using this template:
<city><name>Your City</name><coordinates>27.990000 101.890989</coordinates></city>
  • Please change the template with your city name and your city coordinates that you got from previous steps.
After finish editing the Location.xml, please select your city listed on Weather Report Preferences by right-clicking the applet icon on your tray. If no data shown on update, just play around with the coordinates.

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  1. wow, a very useful tip for adding new cities/location on GNOME weather applet.. thanks!!!

  2. excellent! thanks!