May 27, 2008

Fluxbox: Setting Sound Keyboard Control

Well one of my friend, piju - asking me about how do I control my sound volume on my fluxbox. As he has more experience than me, so maybe he have his own way on controlling sound volume on his Fluxbox. But for me, it's quite simple.

At First I wanted to set the FN key to control sound, but as I search on the google, no other tutorial successfully set the FN+VolDown/VolUp yet. The FN key isnt being map. So I replace FN laptop's Keyboard key with "Windows Key". Here is how to set it up:
  • Open up your shortcut key's file: (On terminal type)
nano ~/.fluxbox/keys
  • then add the following line at the end of file:
mod4 Up: ExecCommand amixer set Master 1%+
mod4 Down: ExecCommand amixer set Master 1%-
  • I hope from here you can get an idea on how to mute and do any other things with sound with the shortcut utility.
I hope this will help Fluxbox user to control sound much better than before. Some other method, you could just install other application GTK based to control your sound.

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