May 2, 2008

Change Vmware Bridge Network Interface

I'm using vmware mostly to do my work with other operating system such as Windows and BSD(learning on how to use it). But I figure out I'm having some troubles on getting the network to work as I cant stick to one method to connect to the Internet. Which is sometime I used a wired connection(eth0) while mostly I'll use wireless(wlan0) to get into the internet.

I will have trouble to set my vmware to bridge to the network if i'm changing interface. As usual, vmware will make eth0 as a default interface to bridge with. And you will encounter trouble to do the bridge if you are connected through wireless. So to change this according to your current internet interface, here is the tips:
  • Edit the /etc/vmware/locations
sudo nano /etc/vmware/locations
  • Change the interface from eth0 to wlan0 / wlan0 to eth0 (depends on your configuration.
locate the line with "answer VNET_0_INTERFACE eth0"
and change it to "answer VNET_o_INTERFACE wlan0"
  • Then run the vmware. Your guest operating system will bridge using the new configuration. And the bridge will took the new interface wet by you to gain connection.
There is another way to solve this problem which is running "", and reconfigure your vmware. But this method will not work on certain machine. So my tutorial is the other way to solve the problem.

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