Apr 21, 2008

Your Access Point being sniff?

As I wondering just how easy someone could break into your protected WEP Access Point(dont use WEP), so i google more in order to look for other application that is fun to play with. And suddenly I stop at one page called WifiZoo.

What is it ?

Well - WifiZoo is tools to gather Wifi information from AP to client details. It could gather all the information about the bssid and eesid also the client connected to it. So to be simple, WifiZoo is quite similar to Airodump-ng. It could gather all sort of information and turn it into .cap files.

Right now, some of the folks on BackTrack currently developing the current wifizoo to intergrate with aircrack and working as info gathering. It'll be a great combination if this tools come in bundle with aircrack.


Well this WifiZoo could well integrate with kismet to do channel hopping. Default wifizoo can't do channel hop but could easily do the hopping with kismet helps:
  • run kismet
  • run wifizoo
  • wait - it'll work
It can also do channelhop, channelvelocity, channeldwell, defaultchannels and sourcechannels. You just have to edit configuration in kismet.


  • It need python
  • It need scrappy
  • and kismet if you want to do channel hopping.
So it's not secure anymore to use wireless connection to do online banking or even chat with your friends about any personal issue cause you will never know who's listening to your conversation.
Maybe next morning, you'll read your own conversation on the net as soon as you woke up.

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  1. Hey dude. Just thought i'd let you know about my wifizoo customisation? It's regular Wifizoo 1.3 but i've enhanced the web interface. Cool article by the way!!


  2. Nice work mate!

    I love your customization.
    easier to read huh.. good. I'll write a review for it