Apr 20, 2008

A New Domain For this Blog

Hey, I have some comments from my friends to change and use my own domain instead of using http://blablabla.blogspot.com to my domain. So I accept their advise and buy a new domain for a cheap price from Sumardi.

So now I would like to announce that my blog has minor change in URL which formerly http://gunbladeiv.blogspot.com has change to http://blog.gunbladeiv.com. So please change all the feed subscriber and bookmarks from blogspot to gunbladeiv.

"Hope For A New Beginning"

Yeah, I would like to start over again to promote my blog for people to recognize and know my blog existence. Even though I'll lost all my traffic history when changing to own domain, but i hope it will be better in the future.

Thanks for those who read my blog and subscribe it through feeds and thanks for those who read my blog just to gain information. So please remember to change to:

Thank you for your unbelievable support on Negative Zero - Permission to read and write blog for nearly 4 years. Don't forget to like Negative Zero on Facebook.
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