Apr 1, 2008

LINUX: A little something for linux users

I was surfing during the heavy rain in Kuala Lumpur city and I stop by a blog/forum with a tittle "linux suck" . I was tempted to read what are they thinking about linux users like me, or maybe about linux OS itself. So here is some interesting post in that forum:
I'm somewhat amused by the zealots flocking to here and mindlessly protecting their meager OS.
The silly fucks don't realize one thing: they've lost their image, and their original goals. While a handful of users actually have thier heads on straight, it's apparent that many do NOT.
In an attempt to focus on Openness, freedom, and stability, Linux users, like Mac lovers, have become incredibly jaded. They steal concepts. They violate copyrights. What's worse, they act as if the GPL is a godsend.
Now, there were only two Linux distros I ever liked: Slackware, due to it's sense of challenge, and gNewSense, because there's no way in Hell you're going to show that to your friends, and they declare "Wow. Linux is obviously better."
The problem is, Linux users are becoming worse than Mac users. They believe that their software is "magically superior." Heck, they're about as brainwashed as the folks at the Apple WWDC. After the unveiling of Leopard's features, Linux users rushed to duplicate a 3D Dock, just so that they could "feel original." Get over it, there's nothing original about stealing an idea.
Here's what I propose to the Linux Community: get your heads out of your asses. Start coming up with, I dunno, ORIGINAL concepts? Your "greatest media player" is a knockoff of iTunes, your "Wonderful Art app" is a knockoff of Photoshop. You beg and beg Apple to support the iPod, and then you litigate against them when Apple puts FairPlay into it's media. "Oooh NOES, HOW EVER WILL I STEAL MUSIC? THIS GOES AGAINST MY RIGHTS!"
Rights, Hell. You don't deserve rights unless you earn them. Otherwise, you'll end up a Mac faggot. Which brings me to an unrelated point: ever noticed how all Mac enthusiasts are gay? Is that a coincidence? I THINK NOT.

Postby Sir Sane on Sun Mar 30, 2008 3:59 am

So I was thinking, those things make sense. May be I dont know what comes first on the first hand, but I think Linux really need to have their own way of being a unique operating system. Why am I saying unique instead of "BEST"? It's simple, it depends on individual perception to decide what is the best for them. It doesnt mean if 100 people said Linux is the best OS in the world make it the best one, but it really depends on individual perception.

I cant say that windows sucks because windows do have their fans who claim that Windows is the best OS they had ever use(atleast before trying linux). So I really think linux user really need to keep the good work and try to make linux different from other OS.

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  1. dont waste your time bragging about which OS is better, as long as you use it at your own comfort, its enough already.. those linux/bsd/mac/windows make OS industry seems exciting, imagine if there only 1 os for end-users to use, isnt that boring ?.. so shut your mouth and do something, create, innovate, or watch p0rn..dont even give a damn about what people say, u have your own brain, use it!