Feb 11, 2008

UBUNTU: Snort + Base setup in progress

Hello, it's been a couple of days since my last post. I got no idea actually. As my last post did mention, "What a boring CNY(for sure it's boring when you dont have any penny to spend for the CNY)"

Now I'm on the process to setup snort+base on my experimental laptop project. Why do I need such thing to run on my old+cheap laptop? because it's accessible from the net through web server, ssh and ftp. Yes, I make a web server at my laptop. To be honest, there is anybody would like to own my laptop but I setup snort and base just to learn about network monitoring plus to get to know what is Intrusion Detection System.

Why do I used IDS(Intrusion Detection System) instead of IPS(Intrusion Prevention System)? The answer is simple, I read a lot of blogs including my favourite blog (Ayoi's Blog) about the different between IDS and IPS.. Well let's get to basic first, I'll learn about Detection process first before proceed to look forward onto Prevention.

My SNORT + BASE has been setup quite well, but a few things need to be configured before I can make a post about the HOW-TO. Mostly signature is the issue. Nevermind, I'll make a HOW-TO as soon as I got time/a peaceful time.

Thanks to Mr Fenris, Mr Papit, Mr Dolphin for helping me out on some issue. Thanks a lot guys!

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