Feb 8, 2008

SHOUTOUT: It's Boring!

It was a boring day for me on the Chinese New Year. Everyone kept the silent on the IRC and everywhere. So i decided to make a post about my boring day! hehe.

anyway, you are the unlucky one to read this post. At least i know that you are bored too. hehe.. I do something today.. repairing my wireless router + modem cause it cant dialing to streamyx anymore.

I open up the router casing using tools and try to figure out what cause the modem failure. Interestingly I can't find anything's wrong with the circuit. hehe.. Actually I know nothing about electronics's circuits. So it's like "tikus membaiki labu".

I try to dial to streamyx using the router to find anything strange about the router.. and suddenly I think it's fix itself.. keke.. it's work and get connected without any difficulties. What a joke. I was using tmnet modem to dial for about 3 months cause i thought the router's modem broke.

Arrgghhh.. what should I post? Damn it is boring....!

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1 comment:

  1. hurm.. boring? tdo je.. ilang boring.. haha