Jan 2, 2008

DIY: Wireless Booster~!! Try It!!!!

Stuck at low WiFi signal strength?
I have a D-Link Wireless G Router DI-524 in my room which connected to my Local Area Network Card Adapter with SpeedBooster is located in my room and connected to the internet throught the Aztech Wireless USB. I always get really low signal strength, around 5.5Mbps to 11Mbps. I have bought some D-Link 5dBi High Gain Antenna with SMA and TNC connector, I’ve tried them both on router and my PC, I got few extra boost in signal. I think these antennas are way overpriced, so I gotta return them to shop.

After asking few help, I come up with few solutions. I upgraded the router build-in firmware to HyperWRT v.2 firmware and boost the Transmit Power from 50% to 100% in Advanced Wireless Settings. This is the first solution I got so far, it did improved wifi signal a little bit.

I googled around and found a cheap (but effective) way to boost up my router signal by making a DIY 10dBi Corner Reflector antenna through this site’s instructions. It took me one hour max to finish the 2 antennas. This DIY project is so simple and easy. Now, I fully get up to 54Mbps and 90% signal strength. All this works saved me hundred of dollars on those High Gain Antennas.

This is the result that I recieved and tested on Windows machine. May be you wont believe it, but I highly recommend all user to try it to believe it. It really work out of the box.. Why do you have to pay 30 ringgit just to have 10%-20% extended area coverage while you can have 50%-60% extended wireless coverage by do-it-yourself at home?

above: Connection before using aluminium foil. Tested on Windows OS.

above: After using aluminium foil. You can see the signal just boost 50% from before.

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  1. so then how thick the aluminium is?
    wahhh seems like u always using beskal pancit in almost everything in ur life.

    what a love

  2. actually I just use a simple kitchen aluminum foil, it's look thick because i used it to cover a hard and thick paper.

    Love is great patah!
    actually, it's her router though..

  3. hi there.... I think to used alumunium foil not the best to booster wireless, couse I try with dish more powerfull... btw thanks for usefull information