Dec 31, 2007

CGY Host Down!

I'm buy a hosting package from CGY Host a few month ago because it's the cheapest price i can get to host my portal. But after a few weeks, CGY server in Singapore down for the first time. I thought it's just a small problem that they dealing with and it wont happen again in the future.

Now it's down for about 3 days. What the heck is going on with the hosting server?
I've tried to contact their technical support for info, but for this 3 days i've been waiting none of them log in to their yahoo messenger to explain nor email their client to clean things a bit.

I was hoping they would email client to explain the problem so that we could know the situation better.

I will not turn to CGY Host again to host my web in the future. And I will never suggest anyone to host their web with CGY ... PERIOD!!

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  1. Gun, about CGY.. we have heard lots of comments/complaints about their server, you can find it at,49.0.html

    Next time too, check your ip address against already hack IP address from zone-h database. This will help you againts server security configuration problem.

  2. thanks for da advice!

    i'll look forward to it.