Sep 11, 2011

Ubuntu : Disable 'Universal Access Settings' Panel Icon

It seem like by default Gnome 3 will display the Universal Access Settings icon on the top panel just in case user is having any disabilities. This is a good decision since now all can install and use linux once they have it installed on their machine without the need to call somebody else just to enable the accessibility functions.

But for me, the icon on top panel of Gnome 3 is just a waste since I do not need it on the first place. So I need to remove it badly and luckily I manage to find a way to disable the icon from appearing on panel.

To disable the icon, all we need to do is edit and comment one line in a configuration file for panel. And in Ubuntu, we can do this by edit a file located in :

So to edit the file, just open a terminal and start typing command which is listed below:

sudo nano /usr/share/gnome-shell/js/ui/panel.js
And we need to find a line that contain this words:

'a11y': imports.ui.status.accessibility.ATIndicator,
To easily find a matching words using nano is by using a shortcut key CTRL+W and paste the line above. Once you have found the line, simply add two slashes in front of the line to comment it.

After finish commenting the line, press CTRL+X and select 'Y' to save and exit the text editor.

Last step, press ALT+F2 to launch the run command popup(if ALT+F2 does not work on your Ubuntu, please refer this post to enable the functionality back) and type a single character 'r' to refesh your Gnome 3 shell.

Violla! The Universal Access Settings icon won't be bothering you anymore. How to re-enable it back? Just reverse the process by uncomment the line you've commented using this post.

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