Jun 24, 2011

Update : New Clean Look

Today I manage to find 30 minutes of free time slot to make a tiny adjustment on Negative Zero blog's theme.  I did a minor changes on the how readers can easily read my post.  Instead of using Allerta as my default fonts, I now change to Calibri for much better clear fonts for my visitor to read.

This should be 4th times Negative Zero themes being edited by me during the whole 4 years of Negative Zero existence.  This new theme focus on improving text visibility since my main purpose of writing post is for readers to read.  So the new theme will reflex on more white and text rather than box shadow and fancy fonts.

To be honest, this new theme was inspired from Mypapit blogs look and feel.  I like the cleaniness and overall feelings when visiting mypapit blog. This should be my permanent themes for a while.

For those who reading this blog by using Internet Explorer(all version) will not be viewing my latest blog themes update since IE doesn't support certain adjustment that I've made. Should I mention anywhere on my blog that this blog is best view with other browser than Internet Explorer? :-P

I hope my precious readers will enjoy this new look and could make full use of my post.  Please leave comments and like my blogs on Facebook.

Thank you for your unbelievable support on Negative Zero - Permission to read and write blog for nearly 4 years. Don't forget to like Negative Zero on Facebook.
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