Jun 2, 2011

Local Support Ubuntu Malaysia

It's been a while since I browse around my Ubuntu Loco website.  Suddenly tonight, while I was cleaning trash and outdated backup(s) via SSH(Secure Shell), I notice that there is a Local Support section in main Ubuntu-MY website.

Mainly Ubuntu-MY webteam create this section to serve local Ubuntu user with support and help on Ubuntu bugs and guide.  But then, it's not being used wisely and now - some of us even forgot the existence of embedded IRC for local support.

Let's us - the Malaysian Ubuntu user start making noise, have a great chat, arguing on silly things and together we solve users problem regarding Ubuntu operating system.  Let's bring back the true color and bright spirit to make our so-called-small community bigger and merrier than now.

For those who apply for Official Ubuntu membership, I wish you all the best.  And may the board approve your application with joy.

To get Local Support Ubuntu-MY please click on this link Ubuntu-MY Local Support

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