Sep 14, 2009

I switch to midori


It's been a while since i make a post. But due to lack of free time nowadays, so today I plan to spend 5 minutes to post something on this blog. After using Firefox for about 4-5 years, i figure out that I might need an alternative browser which is lightweight and give me boost in speed. I've been testing different kinds of browser for the whole months and finally I found the best alternatives(which is currrently my primary) browser.

Midori is one of a lightweight browser which is out there and it's free for anyone to give a try. Here are some features which i dig out of internet that you can get using midori:
  • Full integration with GTK+ 2
  • Fast rendering with WebKit
  • Tabs, windows and session management
  • Flexibly configurable Web Search.
  • User scripts and user styles support.
  • Straightforward bookmark management.
  • Customizable and extensible interface.
  • Extensions written in C.
Requirements for midori is you need to have webkit installed otherwise it wont run. Speaking of which, midori is using the same engine as Safari Browser which is one of the best browser out there.

Midori is still under heavy developement, and if you are willing to give it try, dont forget to add the PPA on your source.list to get the latest update. It might be a little buggy here and there, but trust me, you'll like it once you get convenient with the smooth integration with GTK+2.

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  1. Are you still using Midori?

    Due to Firefox's slow start-up and Webkit's rise in popularity (via Safari & Google Chrome), I wanted to give it a try, too.

    It consistently crashes on me whenever I try to us a JavaScript heavy site.

    My goal was to try Webkit, so I switched to Epiphany with a Webkit back-end. I think it's available with either a Gecko or Webkit back-end.

    That was a while ago and I gave up on Midori, but not on Webkit. During my daily browsing, I use two browsers regularly. The first one is always Firefox... I can't do without the features. Epiphany does work well for me, but I've been sucked into the Google World Domination Scheme and I've been using Chromium consistently as my second browser.

  2. Yes,

    Midori still in slow developement progress. Be patient, and just use the browser for non-scripted website. Most web that contain javascript will crash the midori.

    But today, I think midori more stable than previous version. And I'm still using Midori for basic surfing.