Jun 8, 2009

Ubuntu-my JRP

On 31st May 2009, Ubuntu-my loco held a Jaunty Release Party. Here is some of the pictures taken during the party. Credits to fenris, sumardi, itiknila, bizkut, buffalosoldier and blacburry on organizing this events.

And thanks to Mr Prakash Advani from Canonical for joining us during our first ever release party. There were a lot of crowds not only Ubuntu user.

And some pictures below were taken during hackathon session during the day before our release party. The session was a success in promoting Ubuntu and helping Ubuntu user. Enjoy the pictures and thanks to all Ubuntu-my members cause made this dream come true.

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  1. nice fucking post on Ubuntu-my JRP! and also, congrats being on planet.ubuntu.com wtf!!!

  2. i've missed it.....