May 1, 2009

Spread the word: Project Renaissance

Project Renaissance is an opportunity for you guys to improve OOo where you can submit your proposal to improve idea for OOo design. Currently 6 people have begun writing proposal on improving functionality accessed in Impress.

If a proposed new concept works for Impress (that means that it stands up to the tests and usability evaluations in the prototyping phase of Project Renaissance) then that concept will be adopted for ALL of the office suite!

That means that if you want to do something big for OOo, then you need to get into the proposal mood now. Suggest a new way for menus and Co. to work; enhance use of shortcut keys; eliminate all text and only use icons; make the whole office suite have bunnies, etc.

Taken from GullFOSS

Make your idea heard by participate on this project and turn it into proposal. For those who have idea and want it to be heard; you need to get into the proposal mood now. Spread the word to other so that we can have a better OOo in the future.

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