Jan 4, 2009

Change Username Simple Way

Well, If you ever encounter this situation where you would like to rename your username from Jackson to Jack, then you will think about adding a new user with 'adduser' command. Well, what if you want to have same previlleges, same desktop customization like you have with Jackson username?

So this is a tips on how to change username in the same time, you wont have any problem with customization and previleges. In this tips, I will use 'Jackson' as old username and 'Jack' as a new username.

In this tips, you will need to boot into recovery menu and be root. Root is needed to change all files and permission because if you do login using jackson, you can never complete the steps given here. Only after booting into recovery mode you may proceed with the steps below.

First, you need to change home folder from '/home/Jackson' to '/home/Jack'.
mv /home/Jackson /home/Jack
The next step is, you will have to change all word equal to Jackson to Jack from your 'passwd', 'shadow' and 'group' files:
nano -B /etc/passwd
nano -B /etc/shadow
nano -B /etc/group
When you done changing all the files, we need to change the owner of '/home/Jack' to Jack:
chown -R Jack:Jack /home/Jack
After everthing's done, please reboot your machine. To reboot, just type
shutdown -r now
Happy trying. If there is any other way easier to do complete this task, please you are welcome to leave a comment, and give the URL for me to have a look.

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