Jun 19, 2008

Ubuntu Repo Using Windows IIS?

Well, I am a bit surprise when one of my friend gave me a link and ask me to take a look. As soon as I open the URL given, I can see clearly that the server stated that they are using Windows IIS. Moreover it's a repositories server for Ubuntu Linux.

Why in the world they would like to use Windows as Server while they keep on improving their Operating System to beat Bill Gates product. Heh, you do the calculation and make your own judgment. Surprise huh. LOL~

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  1. its a apache server with a customize version, its an old trick for those who used to compile apache from source. and yes, its fun!

  2. actually its mod_security module in Apache, anybody who has installed mod_security and configured it knows that in Debian, the default Server-Identification exists is the same as shown here. You should try it

  3. kohkoh, tu mod_security punya setting tu, RTFM mod_security config file tgk, mmg lepas install bleh enable kasi kuar server strin mcm tu, takyah compile pun bleh buat camtu.

    byk site kuar id mcm tu sbb apache diaoran g dipasang dgn mod_security