May 12, 2008

Ubuntu: Play Your Favourites Movie Using SopCast

SopCast is a streaming player for all ubuntu user who is interested to watch a show online/streaming. It contain a lot of channel such as HBO, EuroSports and many more. Plus this SopCast also have online movie to entertain the viewer.

For thos interested to have this application running on your Ubuntu Box, please follow this site on how to install QSopCast on Ubuntu. I follow this tutorial and it's working out of the box. No need to have TV Card to watch TV. All I need is a SopCast and I can get a lot of channels.

Did I mention it's a streaming media? Yes, you need to have internet access in order to play the TV online. Surely you will need at least a broadband connection to play a streaming television to have a good quality of video. For me, 1MB of streamyx line is good enough to watch HBO and Sports Channels.

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