May 6, 2008

Ubuntu: Hardy and Active Directory easy step

On previous ubuntu release, to get connected to Active Directory need a lot of work to do. But in Hardy release, all this step has been simple as a new package name "likewise-open" is being uploaded into Hardy's repository. Likewine Open is an application to make Linux to Active Directory easier to setup. Only a few clicks needed in order to make your linux ubuntu to get connected to Active Directory.
Likewise Open enables Linux, Unix and Mac authentication on a Microsoft network using Active Directory. A user can now interactively log in to the Linux, Unix or Mac machine using Active Directory credentials, and can access any kerberized services that the non-Windows machine hosts.

taken from likewise-open website
I was really pleased with the action taken by ubuntu to include this package into official repository as this is an important application being used by a lot of ubuntu user in order to access Active Directory which previously need to be setup my intermediate linux user.

You can download the package name 'likewise-open' by using your apt-get service by using this command:
sudo apt-get install likewise-open
As now, everyone could do the setup easily. And no more worries to get the files needed from your Office Active Directory server. But if you have encounter some problem using the new package of 'likewise-open' feel free to launch a bug report in launchpad.

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