May 21, 2008

Hardy Heron - B43 Broadcom Driver Setup on fresh install

Well, this is my first time fresh installing Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron on my Laptop. Before this, I used to upgrade my system from Gutsy to Hardy using update-manager. And without any problem, I got the wireless(which in hardy using b43 instead of bcm43xx) working without any need to do anything. Which mean, Upgrade --> Reboot --> And wireless is there and it's B43~!

But in another situation, I just do a Hardy Heron fresh install yesterday, not much problem in the installation process, which I manage to boot into the new system in about 20-30 minutes of installation process. All working fine without any major issue but then i realized that my Broadcom Wireless(b43) didnt light up. So I assume that my broadcom didnt working on fresh install.

Here is simple step I make to make this things work:
sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter
This command will install the fwcutter for latest b43 driver and load the firmware in installation process. Basically, Hardy suppose to include this things on installation, but somehow the b43-fwcutter sometimes doesnt work will all cards, so you really need to remove the default one and reinstall it back using above command. Hope this will help.

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  1. wow .. impressed !!! dahsyat2

  2. i will pukol you mr fenris when we meet. hahaha.. apa yang dasyat!? keke..
    Kick fenris's arse!

  3. Work very well and problem solved, thanks

  4. Worked like a charm. I've tried all sorts since I upgraded to Hardy Heron, but the wretched thing would not 'see' my wifi (WPA, ssid not broadcast) (though it always saw my neighbour's signal). Now, it connects every time without fuss on boot-up, just as it used to do using the Fawn and the Gibbon

  5. Thank you. Worked immediately.