May 20, 2008

Goodbye to my Ubuntu

Heh, there is some difficulties I encountered when trying to install windows on one of my Ubuntu partition. Why I want Windows on my laptop? Well - I had to install Windows due to my brother-in-law request to play games with me.

Well I've tried to use cedega to play games with him, but I failed to install the game because we dont have the CDs, the only way to play the game is by copying the source directly from my brother-in-law laptop to mine.

Virtualization? Nope, this one could run windows on my Ubuntu but it cannot play any games because you will experiencing a very laggy system cause by non supported graphic card on virtualbox. Plus - my RAM is not enough to run it.

So I installed Windows on one of my Ubuntu's partiton which I named it "/share" (mostly all my trash files is here) and successfully run Windows after 30-40mins of installation process. Unfortunately, during the partitioning process I do make a noob mistake where I did delete my swap partition :-P (Lame huh)

I repair my grub and everything went well except my system is not as good as before, and I do have some problem with memory management cause I have no swap on the system. Can I make a swap ? Yes I can.. But I am thinking of a Hardy Heron fresh install to replace the old Feisty -> Gutsy -> Hardy System (i'm on my way to burn the hardy CD's on my CD-RW right now).

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  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. marilah nak..join "kami".

  3. jangan bersedih yerk abg gunblade
    yg pergi biarkan mari la kter same2 menyaport windows

    ikut same saya pakai xp but using ubuntu theme.. same je la


  4. erm.. am i missing something here?
    i'm not quitting from Ubuntu.. I just want to fresh install my system to Ubuntu Hardy.

  5. wow .. adik ipar tu .. dahsyat .. gile la bile makan nasi minyak?