Apr 10, 2008

Patch for iwl4965 testing version

Hello, for those who like to test the aircrack, kismet or any other wifi cracking application need to turun card into monitor mode. As far as I know, iwl4965 is a new chip set from intel, and no patch yet on the net to enable iwl4965 to do packets injection.

So I google aroudn and found out, that there is someone able to do injections using iwl4965 wifi cards and luckily he share the patch for others to give it a try. For those who is interested on playing with Wireless AP, then you can download the patch for iwl4965 from patch iwl4965.

To apply the patch, just do "patch -i [patch filename]" and patch it on kernel source. After that, you need to recompile the modules and copy the new module into your current module directory in order the new patch to work.

more over, if you need some information on the patch, please read the forum discussion about iwl4965 injection here.

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1 comment:

  1. hi,
    i'm a linux n00b, so could you please give some more detailed information about how to patch, compile and overwrite the old module(s)?
    thank you very much