Apr 18, 2008

Off Topic: Nice site to visit

I've been looking for a site which can make me wants/eager to visit everyday. So I found out there is one which is a little bit interesting and keep updating each and everyday. I wonder if you've visit the site or not. But here is my oppinion.

About the site:
Josh and Nina are two friends. Every day, they each take a photo. Operating under a pact of absolute secrecy, neither knows what the other is working on. Each morning, they post their photos on Minty Forest side by side. The results are often surprising — not least to the photographers themselves.

An experiment in blind-collaboration, the coupled images of the MintyForest project are explorations of both creative and personal synchronicity — as subject matter, color palette, and technique are compared and contrasted anew with each day. (It’s also an excuse for Josh and Nina to use their shiny new cameras more often.)

Taken from Minty Forest

Here is the sneak peek of the website if you would like to have a look. I recommend the site for people who like to see beautiful shot taken by two person side by side. Are they a good photographer? Nope they dont - But they do took a lot of nice pictures about anything surround them.

Here is the link to the Minty Forest Site. And keep up the good work you guys.

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