Apr 16, 2008

Generate blog traffic with Blogsphere

Erm, I was looking for a good tips on how to generate extra traffic to blog to get better ranks in google. So I come upon one web which is blogrush.com. I saw one of my friends been having a blogrush widget on his site and his site generate better traffic than me, so I wonder how can this blogrush help my blog to get more traffic.

So this is the review of what blogrush can do for you:
  1. It will automatically promote your post on related blog which is also a blogrush members.
  2. BlogRush users earn "syndication credits" (the right to have their blog post titles shown inside a widget on another related blog) based on their own traffic (loads of the widget) as well as the traffic of other users they refer to BlogRush. Users can automatically refer others to BlogRush via special links on the widget, as well as through the promotion of a special referral URL they are given. (taken from blogrush.com/about)
  3. BlogRush is a "Cooperative Syndication Network" that rewards its users for their contributions to the network -- from the impressions they provide of the BlogRush Widget to the referral of other users through 10 'generations' of activity and the impressions of the widget that they provide. BlogRush was designed to be incredibly viral and to provide its users with tremendous distribution leverage to receive exposure for their blog content (onto related content blogs) that they could never achieve on their own; at least without a massive advertising budget. (taken from blogrush.com/about)
So I give it a try with blogrush and put the widget on my blog so that in return, some people will have a link to my blog with related post being promoted. Yes, I have to admit that it did help me a bit in traffics.

So I hope this will help you guys too to generate traffics for your blogs. Happy trying and look at your traffic increase each and everyday.

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  1. thanks for sharing,

    how much traffic increment do your blog get after using blogrush?

  2. Gila dasyat & kompleks link ke blog aku tu.

  3. hehehe.. biasa la sysadmin,
    kasi nampak mcm secret sket blog ang tu.